​Adoption Information

Adopting a Ragdoll kitten can be the best decision you make for a lifetime. However, you must consider many things before you decide to adopt a Ragdoll kitten. It’s really incorrect to think that cats are ALL the same. They are not and they can differ from breed to breed.
Ragdoll cats are definitely animals with a very distinct personality-they are adorable! We are known as a highly reputable Ragdoll cat breeder in the USA.

What will my Ragdoll kitten come with?

> Two sets of vaccinations (recommended “core” vaccines).
› All Ragdoll kittens will be dewormed four times.
> We offer 2 years health guarantee against lethal genetic and congenital defects.
> HCM & PKD copy of parents’ (negative) DNA test certificates.
> F.I.V. & Felv copy of parents’ (negative) certificate signed by our vet.
> TICA registration papers will be provided on condition of submitting proof from your vet for neutering and spaying by 6 months of age at your expense
> Alter & Purchase contracts.
> Your Ragdoll kittens will be fully litter trained.
> You are buying from a reputable Ragdoll breeder who offers lifetime support.

Under NO circumstances are any of our Ragdoll cats allowed to be declawed.

In Summary, cats need their claws for a variety of reasons, including cleaning/grooming, balance, climbing, hunting, and defending themselves. Taking their claws away subsequently takes away many of the cat’s natural characteristics and results in an unhappy cat.
Declawing many times also leads to complications from infection from the cat chewing at where their claws used to be. Ragdolls, in particular, learn VERY quickly and are easily taught how to use a scratching post. They are very good about not using your furniture if you take the right steps (“easy” steps) to scratch-post train them. The easiest way to get them interested in a scratch post is to rub a little cat nip all over the post. Also, a sisal rope post seems to be more appealing for them than a carpeted post. It’s important also to have the scratch post(s) in an area that is easily assessable to them and free of excessive commotion. Having a scratch post on each level of your home would be ideal. Ragdolls are also very good at not using their claws on people; they are very careful to play “nicely” and keep their claws tucked in. This makes them wonderful around children. Given the Ragdolls’ easy-going temperament and their ability to learn quickly, there is

NO GOOD REASON why they should ever be declawed

If you are searching for Ragdoll cats we strongly suggest that a prospective owner check our website on a periodic basis. They’ll be able to take a look at a photo gallery of these delightful little darlings who are available to be adopted by just the right family. We do encourage people to think of these pretty little fur balls as members of the family. It will be no surprise how easily a Ragdoll kitten will fit into the everyday activities, and capture the heart of everyone in the home.

At Empire Ragz, there is a never-ending demand for Ragdoll kitten. This is why; we continue to strive towards ensuring no one misses out the opportunity to own these remarkable creatures. Since demand is high, it is recommendable for interested buyers to fill out the Contact Form