Our ragdolls are part of our family and live in our home. In addition to having free run of the
house, they also have two rooms of their own when they want/need some privacy. Each is
handled daily and given a large dose of love and attention.

The favorite interactive toys are “Da Bird” wand for a group play or the laser pointer.
We have plenty of cat nip toys, bell toys and ping pong balls for individual play times.

They are fed dry Nature’s Instinct Original Duck
and Nature’s Instinct Original Rabbit free choice
and once a day receive wet Instinct Kitten
or Fancy Feast CLASSIC Chicken. In addition, we also feed
Bravo Raw Rabbit Basic when there are digestive issues.
We use pyrex glass dishes for their food and recommend glass
over plastic or ceramic. Plastic dishes have been known to cause chin acne
and almost all ceramic dishes are made in
China where lead in paint is used without regulation.

We have three types of cat fountains for drinking sources since our cats are fascinated with
water. The fountains filter and aerate the water for increased water consumption which is
important to kidney health. We use Hagen Catit Design Fresh and Clear, Cat Mate
Pet Fountain and Thirsty Cat Fountains which are found on Etsy, they are our preferred
food safe ceramic cat fountains. In addition, we recommend the use of bottled
water rather than tap water if your water is chlorinated and/or fluoride has been added to it.

For the down and dirty, we use Worlds Best Cat litter in our litter boxes.

Empire ragdolls are not declawed, so we have two different types of
scratching posts for them to use. They are the SmartCat ultimate
scratching post and the Petfusion cat scratcher.

Our favorite place to shop is Chewy.com. I love the free shipping
‚Äčand to the door delivery.

Our ragdolls are weighed weekly and kept on a regular rotation of vet visits to ensure
they are comfortable with car rides and their veterinarian.

Simply put….we keep them happy and healthy!!!