This might seem stranger to most people. it is a fact that cats (like all other animals actually have unique personalities. rust like humankind. This means that while shopping for kittens to adopt, you need to know what nature you are looking for. Kittens are usually born with a bit of their mother’s nature. If she was outgoing and friendly, the kitten will have this nature. Of course. cats deliver in packs. so we cannot expect all kittens to have the same nature. Therefore. it is important to keep your mind open when you are looking for Ragdoll kittens. owners of kittens can influence the nature of the kitten within the first 6-8 weeks after their birth. If you want them to be
friendly and outgoing, you need to make them socialize a lot during this time.

if you are looking for Ragdolls in the USA. it is better to get a Ragdoll kitten rather than a grown Ragdoll cat. You cannot change the nature of a grown cat. therefore. adopting a kitten is the best choice

Considering the benefits of a male or female Ragdol kitten can be really complex since they both share the same characteristics of loyalty, playfulness, and sheer beauty.
However. choosing a female because of the fear of the male messing up your house with urine is a wrong notion. A de-sexed male Raadoll would not do this and as such we advise all Ragdoll kitten owners to de-sex them when they are still very young. Male Ragdolls are bigger eventually, out the method of socializing them would eventually be the major determinant as regards their behavior and temperament males are as good as females.

You need to know a little about Ragdoll Cat before you can be sure about if they are better than other cats. Ragdolls have the cutest natures of this species is that it goes limp when dicked: hence the name Ragdoll. Their nature is always gentle. affectionate and they are easy to handle. They have a relaxed temperament. which can be a problem
because they tend to head toward moving cars and any stray animals, which can get them hurt. Therefore, if you want to own a Birman or Persian cat, it is better to get yourself a ragdoll kitten instead.

The answer is simple: get two Ragdoll Kittens for their own sake. (if you don’t have any other pet at home or someone to play with him/her) Ragdolls are very social cats, very playful, and love company. Having one single Ragdoll kitten in the house can be quite depressing for the cat and that may result in him/her playing with our furniture instead. which may damage the outlook. Having two of them in the house further enhances stimulation and companionship even when nobody is with them. It is indeed a beautiful thing to watch two Ragdoll kittens play and have fun.

Better to get them from the same litter. This is even more important because they are of the same age and kinship. In other words, the problem of introducing a Ragdoll kitten to an adult cat later that might result in hostility would have been totally eliminated. It is possible to introduce a Ragdoll kitten later but far easier when they grow up together.

Often, Ragdoll kittens from backyards breeder are not safe to adopt. They might be not purebred Ragdolls or may have diseases that can make owning the Ragdoll cat a problem in the future. This is why it is better to adopt a Ragdoll kitten from a good Ragdoll breeder where they know their kitten is a pure breed and can guarantee I healthy and has received vaccination against threatening illnesses

For de-sexed Ragdolls, it really doesn’t matter what sex the new one is when being introduced. The important thing is that they get less territorial when de-sexed and would love new company. But you need to introduce them slowly and carefully.

Patience and a lot of care is the key here. Wrap the Ragdoll kitten in a towel and drop the towel in the sleeping area of the older established cat and then allow him/her to take time sitting and getting used to the scent for about a week or two; at the same time, do the same thing for the Ragdoll kitten to sniff, and then bring them together slowly don’t be shocked at the initial reaction or growing and hissing. it is natural. with time, they would certainly bond well.

From research and experience, Ragdoll kittens taken away from their mothers earlier than 11 -12 weeks of age tend to exhibit behavioral problems; Empire Ragdolls will not release the kittens before that age; for your good, our commitment, and the Ragdoll cat’s future happiness.

Yes, in fact, they do not require too large a space to live in and are content even in small apartments. Leaving them outside all by themselves exposes them to harm from other animals or passersby who may harm or take them away. That is how innocent they are.

Allergies are known to cut across breeds of cats: it is not a Ragdoll issue. My advice is that you try out staying close to one for a while and see how your system reacts before deciding to have one of your own. Allergies can often be controlled with over-the-counter or prescription medications.

Ragdolls are perhaps the cleanest breed of cats with a semi-long coat that is silky, non-matting, and bunny-like. Thorough brushing with emphasis on the underarm and knickerbockers would do. You might decide to bathe them but don’t forget to brush even more often during springtime when they shed their winter coat.